Instagram Close Friends List
Instagram Close Friends List | Image Credits: Instagram Press

Instagram Close Friends List Helps You to Keep Your Stories Private. In this section, one can list only those people which they think are their best buddies. Instagram announces about this feature via their blog post.

Moreover, the unique thing about this section is related to Instagram Stories feature. Now, you can limit your Instagram stories viewability to friends present in your Instagram Close Friends section only. However, earlier we wrote an article in which we explain how anyone can view Instagram stories anonymously.

So, you may be thinking about how you can add your friends to your Instagram’s Close Friends section. Well, you find your Close Friends List on Instagram by clicking on the Hamburger Icon that is present in the top right corner of the Instagram Profile page.
Once you click on the “Close Friends List” you get a list of all your friends that are present in your “Close Friends List.” The section also contains a suggestion list from which you can add people to your Close Friends List.

To check whether you belong to someone else Close Friends List or not, the method is. First, you can see his/her story. Moreover, you can see a green badge on your profile photo over their stories section.

Note that Right Now, Instagram gives you the option to apply this feature to stories section only. You can’t apply it for general posts on Instagram like Photos and videos. Do let us know in the comments below, whether you like Instagram Close Friends section or not.

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