how to watch instagram story anonymously
Watch Instagram Story Anonymously

In the article, we guide you through a list of steps to How to watch Instagram Story Anonymously? Last year Instagram introduce the story feature to the whole world. For some time, people call it a Snapchat mimic, but in the end, they all start loving this feature.

However, In reality, Instagram has implemented many features in its Application like the Snapchat. For example, An Instagram Story which is uploaded by a user, automatically disappears after 24 hours, Instagram stickers etc. But Instagram has also brought some features on its own such as Augmented Reality Stickers, Polls etc.

Now, Let’s talk about the Instagram Story feature here. In this Story feature, Some people around the web don’t like a small thing. It is, As soon as a user sees someone’s Instagram Story, Instagram shows the uploader who saw his story. Actually, Stalker doesn’t like this small thing.

So in this article, we will explain how to watch any user’s Instagram Story anonymously?

Note: Let us first tell you that this method will only work on desktop versions of Google Chrome browser. It will be performed via an extension.


  • The first thing you should have is an internet connection.
  • Secondly, you must have the Google Chrome browser installed on your PC or laptop.

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Steps of How to Watch Instagram Story Anonymously

First of all, open Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop.

After this, you have to install a Chrome Extension i.e. (Chrome IG Story).

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can go to and Sign in to your account.

After signing in to the account, Open the Chrome IG Story extension by clicking on it.

Watch Instagram Story Anonymously Snap 1
Watch Instagram Story Anonymously Snap 1

Now, You will see all those Stories which your friends share on Insta Wall.

Watch Instagram Story Anonymously Snap 2
Watch Instagram Story Anonymously Snap 2

At this point, if you watch any of your friend stories, then He/She don’t know whether you see their story or not.

The most Beautiful thing about this extension is, Even if you haven’t signed in to your Instagram account. You can still type the username for which you want to see the story.

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