How Chrome is Different from Firefox and Internet Explorer
Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Gossips about themselfs in the Browser House :)

How Chrome is different from Firefox and Internet Explorer

In this article, we explain How Chrome is Different from Firefox and Internet Explorer? Which set of features makes Chrome a different Browser from Firefox and Internet Explorer? How does Chrome care for our Security?

There is no doubt that Chrome is a complete user-friendly web browser. It is the most surfing web browser across the globe. But do you know that Chrome also has some features? And you will not find these features in any other popular browsers. Maybe due to these features, Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser. Who knows? Okay! Let’s check out What are these features?

How Chrome is different from Firefox and Internet Explorer: List of Features

Task manager

You will know definitely about What Task Manager is? Yes, you use it often in your operating system. But here, we are talking about a browser’s own Task Manager. Don’t be astonished, Google Chrome has its own Task Manager. You can access it by first opening the Chrome browser and then press Shift + Esc button together.

With the help of this Task Manager, you can access these things given below.

You can get an info about:

  • What are all the processes running in your Chrome browser?
  • Amount of CPU Consumption as well as the amount of storage space acquired by some process.
  • List of all the plugins and extensions installed on your Chrome Browser.

The Firefox browser does not give you an interface like this, Where you can kill or close a single process. Let me clarify my previous Statement. Suppose that you have kept three websites open in three tabs of your Firefox browser. Now Assume, these three websites as a process( Technically, these three websites are in fact a process). Now if any of the three processes crashes, then you have to close your entire browser. On the other hand, in Chrome, you can kill that specific process through Task Manager.

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Browser Crash Rate

As the Chrome browser treats every single tab like a new process. So here if one of the processes crashes, then here we just kill that process. That’s the reason behind the lesser Crash Rate in Chrome.

Chrome Let’s you Reopen your recently closed Tab with ease

Sometimes by accident, we also close the tabs in Chrome, which we do not want to close. Chrome also has a feature that allows you to easily open closed tabs with the help of a shortcut. If you are a Windows user, then press the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC button to open the closed tab immediately. If you are a Mac user then press the Command + Z button to open the tab.

Simple Menus

In Firefox and Internet Explorer you will find long menus. But in Chrome, you will find fewer leaves in your menus, which means more specific documentation. This means that the Chrome provides only those things to users which is today’s generation browsing material need. Which means that even an idiot can use it easily. The advanced users use it too.

Security by Incognito mode

Do you know that Chrome gives you a Private Browsing Mode? Through this, you can use Chrome entire in private. Use in private mean that, while using the Chrome browser in incognito mode, Chrome does not track or save your cache, history, cookie, or any session. In fact, from a safety perspective, Chrome gives you the ability to sign in using different profiles.

Read the full official Chrome Browser feature List from here: Official Chrome Features

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