whatsapp payment service rolling out in india
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WhatsApp Payment Service Rolling out in India: Intro

I know that people are eagerly awaiting the payment feature of WhatsApp. Let me tell you that WhatsApp Payment Service rolling out in India for WhatsApp Beta Testers.

Whatsapp was already working to bring this feature with the help of NPCI. Even this month the rumor was that WhatsApp could bring its payment service in India. And now finally, WhatsApp rolled out the payment service in beta version.

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Where to find the Whatsapp Payment Service feature in the APP?

You can find this payment services in the attachment section. But for this, you have to Join WhatsApp Beta Version.

This news has been First confirmed by WaBetaInfo. They say that this feature has currently rollout in Whatsapp Beta Version for both Android and IOS. In some time, it will also be seen in the official version of WhatsApp. At the moment, if this feature isn’t showing in your beta version App, then there is no reason to panic. It will start showing in 10 to 12 hours.

Effects of WhatsApp payment service rolling out in India

After the payment feature comes in WhatsApp, it will give a tough competition to the digital payment systems present in India such as Paytm, Google Tez, Phone Pe and others. All these popular Payment system work on UPI.

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