google subscription based gaming service yeti
google subscription based gaming service yeti

Google Subscription Based Gaming Service Yeti: Info

Are you aware of the all-new Google Subscription based gaming service Yeti? According to the latest report, Google is working on a subscription-based gaming service. This gaming service will definitely boost the Google console as well as the Chromecast also.

The Report tells though this the user will be able to play Games online through streaming. The user will not need to install the game on his/her computer.

This project has been named “Yeti”.

If this project will be successful then it will not be a new idea for Google’s gaming console. Let us tell you that in the year 2014, Google had thought of bringing an Android-based gaming console to the TV. But Unfortunately, that did not succeed.

Right now users are able to stream music and movies online without any hurdle. But with the gaming, this rhythm couldn’t work properly. However, Sony and Microsoft have done something new with the gaming console era.

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Do you know?

Sony and Microsoft made both the upstream and downstream speed of the Internet, for the gaming console. Because of this, the user sees the movement on the screen as soon as the user clicks his console’s button.

Sony’s PlayStation console already exists in the market and now it is also providing streaming service. At the same time, Nvidia also has a similar service called GeForce Now. But this is working only on Nvidia’s TV. At the same time, Microsoft is also planning to bring such a service.

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