trai supports net neutrality
trai supports net neutrality

TRAI Supports Net Neutrality

Yeppie! TRAI Supports Net Neutrality also. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued its recommendations in favor of Internet Absoluteness which we also knew as Net Neutrality. In his recommendation, TRAI has said that Internet service providers should stay on ‘Net principles’. The Principle says that ‘Internet is an open platform’. They should not have any kind of bias agreement. TRAI has mentioned the amendment in the license terms. It says that it does not discriminate against any customer with Internet-based content. TRAI also make a statement which says that the freedom of the Internet usage remains.

We want to let you know that there has been a longstanding dispute between internet service providers and application developers on the issue of net neutrality. Currently, there is no law for Net Neutrality in India whereas in many other countries laws have been already made in favor of Net Neutrality.

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Net Neutrality Defined in a Simple Way

Speaking on the basis of principles, Internet service providers should give every traffic on their network a common theme.

How Internet Service Providers mess with Net Neutrality?

Internet providers have already talked about taking separate charges for video calling services such as Skype etcetera. Because they feel that such products harm their voice calling business platforms. So, this is a type of example which is against the concept of net neutrality, which is all about giving equal attention to all traffic.


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