Umang app register
A Guide to Register in UMANG App

Umang App Register | Introduction

In this article, we are giving you a brief overview of UMANG App and UMANG App register guide.

Umang App was recently launched under Prime Minister’s Digital India campaign. Additionally, With the help of this app, the general public will be able to use every kind of e-Governance service, whether it is Central Govt. Or State Govt. Let’s now tell you which are the government services that you can access with the help of this app. With the help of this app, Users will be able to access Government services like Bharat Gas, National Pension System, Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme etc. You can also apply for PAN from this app. The user can access this app from all types of devices such as mobile applications, via the website, by SMS, etc. Right now, there are 162 services present in this App, which are from 33 Government departments of four states.

How to register yourself in UMANG App?

First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store or Windows Store to install the Application.

Then you have to launch Umang App and click on New User. Then you will start seeing the Registration screen.

You have to enter your mobile number there and click on the proceed icon. You will then see the Mobile Verification screen.

Enter the OTP which comes on your mobile there. If you have entered OTP correctly, you will start seeing the MPIN screen.

Here you have to generate an MPIN with yourself. However, you have to remember this MPIN for the Future usage. You will then have to fill the exact same MPIN for confirmation. Then click on the proceed icon.

Now, you have to create two security questions so that if you forget your MPIN in the future, then you can recover your account by these questions. After filling out the security questions and answers, click on the Proceed icon again.

Now you can link the Aadhaar with UMANG App if you wish. By linking the Aadhaar you will be able to use Umang App through your Aadhaar number. In UMANG App, the Profile information of the Aadhaar is for eKYC. Now, you have to click on the proceed icon. You will now have the Mobile Verification screen open.

Now the mobile number with which your Aadhaar is registered gets an OTP. fill it here. In this way, you will get your Aadhaar integrate with UMANG App.

If you wish, you can also fill out your profile information with the help of email. This will send a verification email to your email id. You just have to open the verification link present in the respective mail.

That’s it UMANG app register is now complete.

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