hackers new business model strategy
hackers new business model strategy

Hackers new business model strategy

In the year 2018, the Hackers new Business Model Strategy Can influence large industry and their devices. Read the Full report below to know more.

In 2017, the Ransomware Attack had created a sensation throughout the world. Now, the hackers group can come up with more dangerous strategies for 2019. Now a new report has come up, according to which hackers are fully prepared for the year 2019. They implement the new business model strategy which associates with online safety. Furthermore, the US-based internet security company McAfee suggests that the Internet users must be careful. The company also said that next year hackers are planning to attack directly on computer equipment with their new business model strategy. Researchers also said this year hackers have started their intentions by only influencing the computers throughout the world. In return, they demanded the ransom in the form of Bitcoins from them.

Now the report says, next year these hackers can target rich people. They can hack those devices that are less secure than computers and smartphones. Although, McAfee Chief Technical Officer Steve Groveman said that the cyber attack of 2017 tells that hackers can break into security policies in new ways. But on the cutting edge of the modern coding technology, nothing has happened in the world so far.

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Appointment of cyber attackers

Now, Cybersecurity scientists fear that hackers can recruit people who are supposed to perform cyber attacks. Cybersecurity scientist Raj Samani said that the business model of hacking service has increased this year. By next year this service can affect many areas by selling the opponents. This will prove to be extremely dangerous.

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Increase risk by collecting confidential data

The Threat Prediction report for the year 2018 published by Mcafee says that “Confidential data and information of the people is threatening”. This is because device makers collect them and use them in marketing. This data comes from the programming of hackers whose algorithms are unusual and dangerous.

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