Cellebrite Claims to Unlock Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Cellebrite Claims to Unlock Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Cellebrite Claims to Unlock Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod: In 2016, To Unlock the iPhone, there was a kind of war in between FBI and Apple.

Apple totally refuses to unlock the San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone 5S. Later, With the help of a security agency, the FBI Finally Unlocks it. For this, they also pay a huge among of money.

The purpose of to tell you about this incident is that Apple is quite serious about the privacy and security of the iPhone. On the other hand Unlocking, iPhone is quite a difficult Task.

Cellebrite Claims to Unlock Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod: Read the Report

According to a report, Israel’s forensic firm Cellebrite has found a way to unlock almost all iPhone models in the market. It also includes Apple’s latest iPhone X.

Additionally, Cellebrite works as the Chief Security Contractor for the American Investigative Agency. According to Forbes reports, this firm claims to develop a New hacking tool. Moreover, this tool can hack the iPhone running on iOS 11 and even older versions.

According to the firm, It develops an Advanced Unlocking and Extraction Service. This Service can break the security of Apple iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch. Even all these devices are running iOS 11 or Older Versions. However, It is unclear that which particular version of iOS 11 does the Firm Hacks.

What Cellebrite Do?

Companies like Cellebrite constantly find fault in Apple’s security. Even before issuing patches of the company, the security drawbacks are taken out. At present, there is no statement from Apple on this report. Even that security firm also doesn’t issue any statement in the media. However, users will get updates about this as soon as their new patch arrives.

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