What is KRACK Attack How to Protect WIFI from KRACK attack
What is KRACK Attack How to Protect WIFI from KRACK attack

What is KRACK Attack?

In this Article, We explain you what is KRACK attack and How to Protect WIFI from KRACK attack.

KRACK attack stands for Key Reinstallation attackToday’s Wi-Fi devices use the WPA2 protocol. But security researchers from all over the world revealed that Wi-Fi devices are vulnerable due to the lack of WPA2 protocol issue. Anti-social elements can steal your personal information via Wi-Fi devices. This is possible with a KRACK attack. With the help of KRACK attack, sensitive informations such as your credit card numbers, passwords, chat messages, email and photos can easily be stolen from your devices.

List of Importaint things to know about KRACK Attack

  1. A security researcher named Mathi Vanahoff has highlighted the flaws in WPA2. In real, this protocol secures the Wi-Fi network but by revealing the flaws it takes us to a darker side of it.
  2. The advantage of these loopholes utilizes through the reinstallation attack (KRACKs). And the target is to use Wi-Fi devices like laptops, smartphones and smart homes. Any device that connects to the router via Wi-Fi, is on target.
  3. Vanahoff has claimed that it is also possible to tamper with sensitive information besides stealing sensitive information. For example, an attacker can inject ransomware or malware onto the website.
  4. Reduction is only in Wi-Fi standard, not in any one product. This means that every correct implementation of WPA2 is affected by this.
  5. In addition to the Apple device, all the devices running on Android, Linux, Windows and OpenBSD can be affected by this attack.
  6. It is possible that the router does not need an update, because the attack is on the Wi-Fi client. For more information, you should contact your vendor. The most important thing for a common user is that they update their laptops and smartphones.
  7. Vanahoff has suggested that users do not switch to unsafe WAP2 protocol on their router. Unless they don’t patch the device.
  8. As a user you have no choice but to wait for updates for smartphones and laptops. With availability you install them.
  9. The phone which the company has stopped updating only They will be at risk of attack.

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How to Perform KRACK Attack on the device?

How to protect WIFI from KRACK attack?

How to Protect WIFI from KRACK attack: To avoid the attack, the user should update this product as soon as he receives a security update. Vanahoff has also told that our Wi-Fi network password is not stolen in the attack. This means that changing the password of the Wi-Fi network will not be safe for you. You need to make sure your device is up to date. You should also update your router’s firmware After updating the router, you can change the password of Wi-Fi if you wish for additional security.

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