Google Captcha Introduction

Whenever we sign up online forms, we often see that a code is asked for us or it is asked to tell us which one is the street sign or which is the restaurant front from all of the pictures given and without telling this, we can not fill the form forward. This is the same code, or what we call it to do to identify the picture, is called CAPTCHA.

Google Captcha in Detail

Google CAPTCHA actually means Computer Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA was first created in 2000 by three of the Carnegie Mellon University, and an employee working in IBM. So whenever we do any online signup activities such as if we create an email account or we have posted a comment on a website or if we book railway tickets, then we have to go through CAPTCHA. It is also important for us to know that whether the CAPTCHA is good for us or is it bad?. Actually, CAPTCHA is used to avoid the bot. Now how can we save our computer or our website from the CAPTCHA? It was so long ago, to tell the difference between computers and humans, Alan Turing had created a program called the Turing Test, which is also called an Imitation Game, some sets of Questions are asked in this program and these sets of Questions are designed in such a way that the computer can not respond to it. And today the CAPTCHA we see is the same, Which is the set of questions that are asked in the Turing test. With the help of Captcha, one can Identify that the person who is entering the system is a bot or an actual human. However, as technology is developing day by day. Artificial intelligence has also seen in great progress. Well, let me tell you if any of the bots passed the Turing test i.e. CAPTCHA, then we should definitely know that artificial Intelligence has developed a lot and it is going to give a lot of expertise in our upcoming technical world. Because Passing a Turing test means that we have designed a computer or program that can think like a human. So let’s see what kind of change happens in the CAPTCHA in the coming time.

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