fully pc games
fully pc games

Fully PC Games For Lower Configuration Machines

Fully PC Games: Undoubtedly, we all like PC games, but most people do not play games due to lack of PC with a good configuration, so I want to dedicate this post to those people who have a PC but have a lower configuration in it. Here, I will tell you about 5 such games which will be able to run on any PC whose configuration is minimum, I am talking about those PC which has at least 2 GB of RAM and even if it hasn’t a graphics card the game will also work on it.

Fully PC GAMES: Top 5 List

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell:

Well, the first game is Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Black List, this is an action-adventure video game that was created by Ubisoft and is the sixth game of the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series. It was released in 2013 Worldwide. This game can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, X Box 360. Basically, It is a mission game in which you have to stop a group of terrorists to attack the United States.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Of course, the name of the next game in our list is Mortal Kombat. It is a fighting video game and it has been publishing Warner Bros. Additionally, This is the ninth Part of the Mortal Kombat Game Series. Furthermore, You can play it on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation as well as on X Box 360. The Game release back in 2012, in the meantime, I have shared the links to YouTube’s official trailer, You can Check it out and decide.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game

Actually, It is an action and adventure game which is similar to its Movie name. Furthermore, We can play it on Windows, PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360. Ultimately, The idea comes from the Games like God of War and Devil May Cry. In the meantime, I posted the Official Trailer of the Game. You could watch it and decide.


Devil May Cry

Originally, This Game is the sequel of popular Residential Evil Series. Furthermore, when it became popular on its own. The series Publish independently. In this Game the Character named Dante’s avenging the murder of his mother by some demons. You can watch out the trailer below and see how sick it looks.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 begins with the protagonists on a train to associate some location to start their exploration for the vault. Furthermore, The train is a trap which is set by Handsome Jack, to kill all World Health Organization look for the Vault. The Vault Hunters defend themselves long enough to achieve a train automotive full of explosives and a ‘dummy’ Handsome Jack look-a-like. The detonation causes the train to crash within the Arctic waste, with our new team strewn across the portion. the sport picks up with the Vault Hunters wakening to rant creating by removal through the remains. The mysterious angel then contacts them and explains that Handsome Jack should be kill, leading players to rescue the four original Vault hunters from Hyperion’s clutches to accomplish this.

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