Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

It’s prohibited in India unless you are a government body otherwise you have written permission from Director General of Civil Aviation . Well, obtaining a permission from Director General of Civil Aviation involves just about bureaucratic procedure, therefore presently nobody desires that permission.

Flying a Drone or Unmanned aerial Vehicle in India is presently prohibited when the general public notification of  Director General of Civil Aviation Oct 7 2014 that says:

Subject: Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Civil Applications

Of late, innumerable interests area unit being shown for civil use (both business and recreational) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle within the country. International Civil Aviation Organization is, however, to publish Standards And counseled Practices, as so much as certification and operation of civil use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle care.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has the potential for the giant range of civil applications. However, its use besides being a security issue conjointly poses the security threat. The Airspace over cities in India has the high density of manned craft traffic. Owing to lack of regulation, operative procedures or standards and uncertainty of the technology, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle poses threat for air collisions and accidents.

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The civil operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle must have approval from the Air Navigation Service supplier, Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, and different involved security agencies, besides the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Director General of Civil Aviation is the method of formulating the laws (and globally harmonize those) for certifications. The operation to be used of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle within the Indian Civil Airspace. until such laws area unit issued, No any non-federal agency, organization, or a person can launch an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Indian Civil Airspace for any purpose.

Well, most peoples do not know regarding the standing of next notification, as it has been nearly a year currently. however, bear in mind that Drones area unit future & they cannot ignore them.

In Feb 2015, Federal Aviation Administration of USA declared the principles to be used of Drones for civil applications, a number of them are:

  • Maximum flight speed is not quite a hundred miles an associate hour.
  • Maximum weight twenty-five kilo.
  • Maximum altitude five hundred feet on top of the ground level.
  • Drone operator should maintain a “visual line-of-sight”.

Actually, Drones have an over-sized range of applications, therefore don’t be concerned simply anticipate a handful of years and you will notice it’s traditional to ascertain drones in the sky.

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