Iphone X
Iphone X

The Apple iPhone-X which launched on Tuesday from America’s Steve Jobs Theater will have to pay more than the US to buy in India. According to the information, IPhone X could be sold 39 percent costlier in India as compared to US. In such a case, if you have a relative who lives in the US and he is about to arrive in India two months later, it would be better if you get Apple’s iPhone X from him, because that deal will be cheap for you.

In the US, the price of iPhone X has been kept at $ 999. At present, the price of 1 dollar is around 64 rupees. In this regard, about 64000 rupees was made. But after getting all the duty and taxes, the price of iPhone X in India is expected to be around 89,000. According to this, in India, the iPhone X will sell about 39 per cent of the costlier than the US.

Apple had given several upgrades to its phones through the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+, so the company had to leave the idea of ​​launching its S-model. This is also because Apple is generally known to launch the new series of phones. The new iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ look like the models launched last year, but their features are slightly new, their back cover is covered with glass and these three color silver, space gray and new gold finish Have been made available. It also has wireless charger in it. The company launches the launch of the iPhone X, the latter being also called the iPhone 10.

IPhone X will be available for $999. It will be available in 64GB and 256GB in two variants. In the US, their price would be $999 (Rs 64,000) and $ 1,149 ($ 73,600) respectively. If you talk about India, the price of the iPhone X could be around 89,000. The pre-orders of this phone will start from October 27 and will be visible in the stores from November 3. Apple has made IPhone 8 available with 64 GB for $699, while the IPhone 8 Plus has been made available for $799. Both will be available for order from September 15 and their shipping will start from September 22.

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