Interesting Facts Facebook
Interesting Facts Facebook

Interesting Facts Facebook | 3 Cool Facts you amazed to know.

In this article, we present you Interesting Facts about facebook you definitely amazed to know. More Conveniently we say 3 Cool Interesting facts facebook you probably don’t know about. So without wasting any of your time let us look at those.

One of the founders of YouTube once worked for Facebook.

We all are familiar with these two names “Facebook” and “YouTube”, they have become a part of our lives but do you know, one of the founders of YouTube once worked for Google. Yes, we are talking about “Steve Chen”. Steve Chen is one of the three founders of YouTube and he worked at Facebook for a few weeks and then he quit the job to do his own startup which is known as “YouTube” today.

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Why is Facebook “Blue”?

For some of us whose favorite color is blue, this question doesn’t arise but for some of us who simply don’t like the color blue. They sometimes think “Why on earth is Facebook blue?”

The reason being Zuckerberg is colorblind. Yes, while talking to a magazine he told: “Blue is the richest color for me”. Mark has Color Blindness. It means the color which he can see the best is “Blue”. So, all the blue hater folks you got the answer now.

Does facebook rewrite the constitution of Iceland?

Have you ever imagined Facebook could be used to write the constitution of a country! Well, the answer is yes. Actually, Two-thirds of Iceland’s population is on Facebook. So, in 2011 the constitutional council of Iceland took Facebook’s help to rewrite its constitution in which the citizens can use Facebook to make their own suggestions, to participate in online debates, or follow the proceedings in real-time.

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