emoji yellow
emoji yellow

In this post, we are going to tell you about an interesting story behind the color of emoji yellow. Did you know? Emoji is nothing but a remake of Hieroglyph. Hieroglyph is called a script in which there is an idiom that expresses the meaning rather than the alphabet to reveal the sound. Today, Everyone likes chatting on a smartphone or social networking site. While chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Messenger etc, some users uses more emoji than words to express their feelings.


In old times also, People likes to chat with the help of hieroglyphs. You can think of emoji as hieroglyphs. Currently, emoji and smileys are popular on social messaging sites. Older emojis have been significantly better over time. Nowadays, more than 800 emoji available on WhatsApp. While Facebook has retained its own separate range. But have you ever noticed that why is the color of emoji yellow? If you have not considered on this yet, then we will explain you the mathematics behind it.

Swift Media has done a study about emoji and smileys. They said that Emoji works smoothly and correctly when you can not show your emotions. Through this, people can express their feelings without words instantly.

Why are emoji yellow in color?

There is no definitive answer to this. There are many reasons behind this. Some people say that the color of the emoji matches the skin tone of the person. While some people say that the laughing and blooming face looks yellow, the emoji’s color is yellow. Not only this, but the colors of the stickers and balloon icons are also yellow. This color is a symbol of happiness. At the same time, it was argued that the laughing face looks much better on the yellow background.

You could read more about emoji here.

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