whatsapp video call chat
whatsapp video call chat

Whatsapp Video Call Chat Simultaneously | Introduction

Whatsapp Video Call Chat Simultaneously: Whatsapp has introduced two new features for its user. We are talking about making pictures in pictures and text status. New features have been released for the iOS platform with Android. Looking at these features, you can say that this company owned by the company is doing something new every day to keep the platform interesting for its users.

Whatsapp Video Call Chat Simultaneously | Guide

Let us first tell you about Picture in Picture Feature. Now users can decide the size of the window of video calling and take them anywhere on the screen. It may be that the user wishes to send a text message to another person during a video call or to do something else, in such a situation this feature will be very effective. Many messaging apps have released features such as Picture in Picture so that users can make full use of their time. Apple’s latest iPhone also supports this feature.

Now you can update WhatsApp user status only by text. Previously the user had the facility of using photos or videos as a status update. Now the users will be able to choose background color on the latest WhatsApp Whatsapp version and write text on it. Please state that this status of a particular type of text can last up to 24 hours only. It is worth noting that this feature was introduced at the end of last month for Android and iPhone users. Now it has reached everyone.

To add more users to their platform, WhatsApp has adopted an aggressive strategy. With the end of every week or so, new features are coming, or the old features are improving. Recently, the company announced new tools for its business customers. Now the business platform will get a verify tick profiles on Whatsapp.

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