facebook dating
facebook dating

Facebook Dating feature in Messenger Application | Introduction

Facebook Dating Feature: Facebook does not want to let users of the whole world go on any other social media platform, so Facebook is launching many such features so that people spend as much time on Facebook as possible. Meanwhile, the news is that Facebook can prepare to provide dating features in Messenger. Yes, you heard it right, Facebook is planning to introduce a dating kind of service to its very own Facebook messenger application. In some countries, this feature is in beta phase.  Well, we all love to date someone we love. The Problem is, there are no more reliable websites out there to this task. So, what the big deal? The big F (“don’t take me wrong its Facebook”) take it as a serious consideration on his notebook.

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The Report

Actually, this has been revealed in a report of Motherboard. According to the report, a user has got a popup notification like the app tinder dating to Facebook Messenger, which conclude that Facebook is preparing for the dating feature in Messenger.

Facebook is coming with the dating feature Snap 1
Facebook is coming with the dating feature Snap 1

The notification says dash___ and 15 people want to meet you this week. If you want to meet them, then tap YES. The Information will be private unless you speak YES to each other. After this, each user can share photos between each other. Cool Isn’t it?

Additionally, The user has said that such a popup has met him and some of his friends in Canada. At the same time, Facebook said in a statement to a website that such a test is going on and people are being taken to get feedback on it. Facebook said that its testing is currently underway in New Zealand and Toronto.

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