save youtube videos
save youtube videos

Save Youtube Videos to memory card | Introduction

Save Youtube Videos to Memory Card: YouTube is the most popular platform to watch online video. Users can find videos of all variety on YouTube. Let you know that videos of local languages on YouTube are becoming quite popular. YouTube has claimed that the number of people watching the local language video has doubled over its last 2 years on its platform.

There is a special feature on YouTube that allows any video to save offline. However, these videos are saved in the internal memory of the phone. In this case, the space of the phone is over. That’s why we are going to tell you about a setting that lets you save all offline videos to memory cards.

How to Save YouTube videos to Memory Card? Guide

To Save Youtube video to the memory card, you first have to go to YouTube setting. If your app is updated then this option will be available to you at the top right where your profile photo or the first letter of your name is present.

After this, there will be a list open. Where you will get the option of settings, click on it.

Save video from YouTube to memory card 1
Save video from YouTube to the memory card 1

Now a page will open which has several options. Tap on either offline or download.

Save video from YouTube to memory card 2
Save video from YouTube to the memory card 2

Then turn on the use sd card option. After doing this setting, any videos you save on YouTube will save on the SD card instead of your internal memory.

Save video from YouTube to memory card 3
Save video from YouTube to the memory card 3

With this, users can also set video resolution by going to video quality option.

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