gboard beta version 6.8 and gboard 6.5
gboard beta version 6.8 and gboard 6.5

Gboard Beta Version 6.8 and Gboard 6.5 | Intro

In this article, you talk about Google’s Gboard Beta Version 6.8 and Gboard 6.5. Google recently launched the 6.5 version of the Gboard App for its users. This version support 40 additional languages. But if we talk about beta testers, they have also got a 4.8 version update.

What is so special about Gboard Beta Version 6.8?

The Special thing about Beta Version 6.8 is that it has another app installed inside it. The app that is installed on it is Handwriting input. Those people who do not know about the Handwriting Input let me tell them that Google Handwriting Input was a different app on PlayStore for some time. Now it happens that Gboard’s 6.8 updates integrate this App inside it. If you are totally noob about Handwriting App, then let me tell you that with the Handwriting App you can write handwritten text on your device. The Gboard App still supports 97 languages, cursive writing, and even voice messages.

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How to enable Handwriting App in Gboard Beta Version 6.8?

If you are currently using the 6.8 beta version of the Gboard App. You can enable the Handwriting app by going to the settings panel of the Gboard. You can also enable the Handwriting Keyboard type as well.

When the website 9to5Google explored this app and then they also told that its Motion GIF feature will still be present in it. They also told that in future updates may be the Handwriting keyboard can work on full screen.

Another small feature which may be given in the Future is that space will be automatically inserted in the line after a user inserts a punctuation. For now, nothing can be said that this feature will come in the app in the future or not because all these features are in Beta phase right now. User can’t do anything expect the assumptions.

What More about the Gboard App?

Gboard Stickers
Gboard Stickers

Although Google is constantly engaged in improving the Gboard app. With its latest version 6.5, you can even find quite new features. In the Gboard version 6.5, 40 additional languages have been given in which Japanese is included. So far there is a total of 120 languages in the app. The Gboard 6.5 update also supports the sticker.

Earlier, the Gboard App Sticker used to show only when the Google Allo App was also installed on the device.

Meanwhile, if you are not using Google Gboard App and want to give it a try. You can download it from here Google’s Gboard App.

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