diagnose hard drive failure
Diagnose Hard Drive Failure

Diagnose hard drive failure is quite a difficult task. If you use computers or laptops, it is natural that you will definitely use hard drives. No matter, it can be internal or external. We know that everything in this universe revolves can have a problem at some point in time. In a similar manner, the disk which found inside the mechanical hard drive also rotates. So it is natural to have a problem with it. Even a solid state drive gets damage, which does not contain any moving part. Note that Hard drive also has a lifespan which will be over at some point.

That’s why you must always keep a good backup solution. Otherwise one day your hard drive will corrupt and you will lose all your data. But if your hard drive is behaving a little weird, then you will recognize it before it gets collapse.

So in this article, we will tell you how to diagnose problems on your hard drive.

How do diagnose hard drive failure?

Hard drives can be defective for different reasons. Here we make a list of all those reasons because of which hard drive gets damage. If you want to recognize that whether your hard drive is damaged or not? To properly diagnose hard drive failure, First, you should aware of this list.

  1. Your hard drive will stop working completely. Even your computer will not be able to locate your hard drive. When you turn on your computer you will get a message which says “Hard drive not detected”. Or it may happen that your computer does not boot.
  2. Hard drives corrupt in other ways too. Like your hard drive is working, but your computer freezes again and again.
  3. Sometimes a clicking sound regularly comes from your hard drive. Actually, It is a dangerous sign. Clicking sound indicates that the head of your hard drive is damaged. The job of the head is to Read and Write Data from the platter of the hard drive. Whenever you hear the clicking sound from your hard drive, it is better that you shut down your computer. Shutting down the computer will not cause further damage to the hard drive.
  4. Better Store the data in some safe place. Or recover your data with the help of Some Professional data recovery software.

Diagnose Hard Drive Failure: Perform S.M.A.R.T

  • Here, SMART means Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. This technique resides on your hard drive. It tells you whether your hard drive is going to be defective or not?
  • But there are some flaws in SMART technology also. It doesn’t work right every time. Sometimes even when the hard drive is getting spoiled, it gives you a healthy report.
  • So, In my opinion, If you have to check the SMART status of your hard drive correctly, then you can use a third-party tool such as CrystalDiskInfo.

How to identify whether the problem occurs because of Hard Drive?

If there is a problem in your computer, then it always doesn’t mean that the hard drive is behind it. So it is important for us to diagnose hard drive failure properly. To do this correctly, follow our steps given below:

Case 1: If your computer does not detect hard drive during Boot Up. First, check if the wire of your hard drive is properly connected to the Motherboard and power supply. Unplug all the cables on the hard drive and then plug it again. It may be that these errors are coming due to loose connection to your console.

Case 2: If the Clicking Sound is coming from your hard drive then the header of your hard drive is definitely damaged. Go to the nearest repair center and ask them to repair your hard drive header.

Case 3: If your hard drive is Boot Up during startup, then the operating system may be corrupted. In that case, reinstall your operating system.

Case 4: If your PC is freezing, again and again. It may be that malware is present on your PC. Scan your PC with a good antivirus program.

What to do when we find out that problem occurs because of Hard Drive?

In such a case, you should first store your data in a safe place. Such as Cloud Services, or any other external hard drive or solid state drive etc.

We think you can store your data on Google Drive. If the free storage space of Google Drive can’t fulfill your requirement, then you can even purchase its premium storage. The Premium storage of Google Drive is the cheapest among all cloud services, plus a Brand Value. If you do not want to spend money completely, you can even distribute and save your data to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.

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