Amazon Echo Will Stream Songs From Apple Music
Amazon Echo Will Stream Songs From Apple Music

From December 2018, Amazon Echo Will Stream Songs From Apple Music. It seems like Amazon lose its dream of creating its music streaming service. The reason is there are so many music streaming services are in the competition queue. Now, new news came forward from Techcrunch which says Echo devices are streaming from Apple Music. However, Echo devices are rolling out this new service from mid-December this year.

Amazon Echo Will Stream Songs From Apple Music: Details

Note that Spotify grabs the significant percentage of premium music streaming subscribers, almost 83 million users. Moreover, If we look at Apple Music subscribers on the other side, they are approximately 50 million. Collaborating with Amazon Echo seems like a great deal for Apple Music as it boosts its presence among users. Note that Amazon Echo already has native support of other music streaming services. They are Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Online Music streaming services are in high demand among users. However, adding Apple Music also increases the sales of Amazon Echo Smart speakers. In India, Amazon Echo cost is around Rs 9,999 ($149) (as on Well, If you compare it with Homepod whose cost is around $348, seems like anyone wants to listen to apple music Amazon Echo is an affordable device.

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