YouTube will Stop Showing Annotations From January 2019
YouTube will Stop Showing Annotations From January 2019 | Image Credits: James Wedmore Youtube

YouTube will Stop Showing Annotations From January 2019 as its use will decrease by 70%. That is the reason why YouTube already removes annotations editor from YouTube back in May 2017. So, a user can’t edit, add or delete existing annotations on a video.

According to YouTube, users like cards and end screens much more than annotations. All these three tools are used to switch audiences to a different link. It may be for shopping a merchandise or recommending a video on YouTube. It is all up to the Video authority.

YouTube launches the annotations feature back in 2008. That time majority of users come to Youtube via desktop. 10 years later now in 2018, a majority of users i.e. 60% surf YouTube via Mobile. Now, coming to annotations, YouTube says most users like end screens and cards. They close on average of 12 annotations before clicking on one.

Now, coming to the side of creators point of view, some creators say annotations are harder to create during the end of a video. Whereas end screens are much easier to create.

So, Youtube finally decides to stop showing you annotations from January 15, 2019.

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