Things you can do with Facebook Portal
Things you can do with Facebook Portal | Image Credits: Facebook

In this article, we are going to reveal all the things you can do with Facebook Portal. Facebook starts shipping its first own made video calling device Portal and Portal+ in the United States. One can grab it from,, Facebook itself reveal Portal and Portal+ are available on these sites. Talking about the price of both of these devices, Portal cost you 199USD whereas Portal+ cost you 349USD. Just because of holidays you can grab a discount of 100USD when you purchase both of these devices in the bundle. It means if you purchase both of devices in the bundle it will cost you 298USD. Revealing its price in India, Portal cost you around more than 14 thousand rupees whereas Portal+ costs you more than 25 thousand rupees.

In this article, we will also mention the difference between these two devices. We will also let you aware the things you can do with Facebook Portal. So first let me reveal this info.

What are all the things you can do with Facebook Portal? Info

As you can see Facebook Portal is a video calling device that gives you a rich video calling experience in a 10 inch 1280×800 display. However, you can also opt for a 15inch pivoting display with a resolution of 1920×1080, Facebook gives you this option.

We have already written a detailed post on Facebook Portal. If you remember we explain how portal’s smart camera and smart sound proves to be a perfect cinematographer for you during a video chat. This all happens because of A.I. implementation.

Portal let you explore Facebook’s Messenger service in an entirely different way. Not just normal video calling, portal helps you call 7 different people simultaneously inside a group.

One of the most popular digital assistants of the Internet “Amazon Alexa” is also integrated with the portal. “Hey Portal call XYZ” and viola the device calls an XYZ person and many more feature Alexa supports.

Privacy is always a concern with Facebook now after Cambridge Analytica scandal. Therefore, In Portal, Facebook gives you the option to lock camera and microphone via a passcode that varies in between 4 to 12 digits. Physically you can also cover camera via Camera lens cover, Facebook offer.

Portal also overcome your music needs via popular music services like Spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Facebook Watch etc.

These are all the basic features and Facebook team could come up with several other features in the future.

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