Facebook Launches Video Calling Device Portal
Facebook Launches Video Calling Device Portal | Credits: portal.facebook.com

Today, Facebook Launches Video Calling Device Portal and Portal Plus. It is the first piece of hardware made by Facebook. Talking about this video calling device it generally suits places like home, offices and every other place that requires social interaction. Both of these video calling devices are powered by AI technology. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how you can easily interact with this new Hardware.

Okay, its time to talk about what are all the features Portal & Portal+ supports right now?

Facebook Launches Portal and Portal+: Its Special Abilities

Your Personal Cinematographer

If you ask my opinion what I like in Portal the most, it the tech which assembles behind its camera. Yes, I am talking about Portal’s Camera having 12 Megapixels with 140 degrees DFOV (Display Field of View) technology. With this Camera, Portal captures everyone which is under 140 degree of the surrounding. Its smart camera points at everyone who is under 140-degree field doesn’t matter whether you are moving or stand still its lens adjusting automatically. This makes sure that everyone under 140 degree remains in focus. Like your own personal cinematographer. Moreover, Portal not just only have a smart camera, what about Smart Sound? Well, it also has a Smart Speaker tech too which automatically adjust your sound quality which you are moving. This makes it a perfect machine for video chatting while you also doing your work say in Kitchen.

Easily Interact with your Messenger Chats

Because it is Facebook own made hardware, how can the developers forget to assemble messenger capabilities in it? Well, Portal gives you the option to easily Video or Audio chat with your messenger friends right from a tap. Although it requires a Smartphone also that has a messenger installed in it. You can then place a call via Smartphone. At the same time, you can interact with 7 persons over the Portal.

Alexa Support

As we earlier explain in one of our posts, Facebook Portal could bring Alexa, Now it does officially. With Amazon great voice experience, you can also use Portal to acquire pieces of information like checking the sports score, weather info etc. You can also get a complete voice experience because Portal supports total voice control.

What about Privacy and Security?

Facebook Product and how can we forget to talk about its privacy. Well, here Facebook plays very well. Giving us the full control to disable Portal’s camera. Also programmatically as well as physically. Programmatically using an option and Physically using a cover.

Portal also has an option to set a 4-12 digit pin that gives you the ability to lock screen. Moreover, if you want to change this Pin at later sometime it requires your Facebook password to do so. Do you see the catch? Oops!

Right now portal is available for pre-order sales with no delivery charge in the US. Portal costs you $199 whereas Portal+ costs you $349. Available in two color variants i.e. white and black. Facebook says it will soon bring other services like Spotify, Pandora, Facebook Watch, and iHeartRadio in this device.

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