Treatment of First Netflix Addict at SHUT
Treatment of First Netflix Addict at SHUT

Well Everyone is familiar with this word “Netflix”. For those who don’t know what Netflix is, It is a streaming service that allows users to view famous TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Here, we are going to talk about the Treatment of first Netflix addict at SHUT (NIMHANS).

We also know that watching these kinds of TV shows helps us to escape from our problems. We involve ourselves in these TV shows to the level of addiction.

Treatment of first Netflix addict at SHUT

Yes, a 22-year-old guy is getting treatment for Netflix addiction. The treatment is occurring at SHUT (Service for Healthy use of the Internet). It is at NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences).

First Netflix Addiction Case

According to the doctors at SHUT. The man spends 7 hours on Netflix. He was unemployed and found it as an escape from his problems. Moreover, this is his routine from the last six months.

Now, due to his addiction, he is having fatigue, eye strains, and irregular sleeping cycles. After which he visited NIMHANS for his treatment.

According to the doctors, “He is unemployed. When he sees his friends doing well or his family pressurizes him to earn a living, he watches Netflix. Further, this addiction helps him in escaping the problems but start affecting his health.”

Netflix Addiction

Undoubtedly, A lot of people spend time watching those TV shows. Further, according to the data of the company, a normal user spends about 50 minutes a day.

People use this addiction as an escapism from their problems. According to the researchers, addiction in such kind of TV shows and all causes low efficiency at work, health issues and also mental issues.

Counselor’s Word

Further, Counselor says that TV shows should be for entertainment purpose only. It should not be a way of curing problems. Addiction not only affects our health but also disturbs the normal functionality of mind.

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