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Microsoft ProjectXCloud | Image Grab From Microsoft Youtube official

Today Microsoft Introduces Cloud Gaming Service Microsoft ProjectXCloud. ProjectXCloud a game streaming service by Microsoft. Microsoft wants to make gaming more popular and portable like other fields such as movies, music etc. Therefore, Microsoft officials unveil something new in Gaming Field. They call it ProjectXCloud.

Today, Modern Gaming still dependent upon device configuration that blocks On-Demand Gaming needs. Microsoft ProjectXCloud helps you to overcome with this need. Bringing Gamers a decentralized gaming experience.

From today on Microsoft give access to all the Game developers to utilize Microsoft ProjectXCloud Space to deploy their Game Projects. Right now, there are more than 3000 games present in Xbox, however, after this big decision, space became more populated. Microsoft, however, starts the public trials from the Year 2019.

Tightening up the Cloud speed, Microsoft upgrades the data centers with the new hardware configuration that manages ProjectXCloud Files. The team from the company starts testing this technology by connecting devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets with Xbox wireless controller. Moreover, ProjectXCloud also supports devices that have touch support.

If you think about Cloud Gaming it is quite complex. This is because configuring a single technology such that it collabs with all the different technology requires a lot of tasks to complete. That why Microsoft complete making this technology after multi-year of Journey. However, there are other issues too like weak network, device limitation etc. After playing all these issues and enable to work this technology like a charm, we must have to appreciate it.

A total of 54 Data Centers with 3 in India and services available in 140 countries make this technology also powerful. So, don’t worry about your GeoLocating. All of us will get this cake.

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