How to delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger
How to delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger

In this article, we are going to teach you How to Delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger? We all have internet now, we all have digital pens too, but what about the eraser. Various scenarios are present out there when we need it. Sending a wrongful or typographical error message is common these days. Therefore, it is necessary for all the popular apps and internet portal to carry a feature which helps overcome this.

In the same line of a path, the Facebook Messenger iOS version 191.0 releases a feature via which you can delete a sent message. As on 05-02-2019 this feature is live now to every device as variety confirms.

One can delete a sent message under an interval of 10 minutes. Before this, we all know we could delete a message but it was deleted from our device only. However, after this update, if anyone wants to delete a sent message under 10 minutes it will exhaust from the recipient device too.

How to delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger? (Guide)

Facebook messenger finally put an option via which you can unsend a message to a recipient under 10-minute interval.

All you have to do is tap and hold on the message which you want to unsend in messenger.

Next, a pop will came through that ask you to choose whether you want to delete the message for everyone or just for yourself. Now its all up to you which option you choose. If you choose Remove for everyone, the message exaust from every devices on which it receives. Moreover, if you choose remove for you, it only removes from your device.

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