How to Disable Jio Full Screen Overlay Ad
How to Disable Jio Full Screen Overlay Ad

In this article, we will explain you to How to Disable Jio Full Screen Overlay Ad? If you own a Jio Sim and currently using it then, you definitely encounter a situation when you get a full-screen overlay ad. Some user doesn’t have a problem with this, however, some find it irritating. A lot of users complaining about this issue to the Jio officials, however, they still don’t come up with some kind of guide or solution. If you ask from me then, if they provide you the solution one of there marketing way will block I tell you why.

Why do you get Full-Screen Overlay Ad?

First, let me explain to you why you get this Full-Screen Overlay Ad. Ads are normally script or an HTML file that is wrapped or linked with an App (normally in Smartphone) to get access and display on your phone. For example, If you made an app Yourself you could be an advertiser to display ads of various companies or products or anything. For this, the party will give you money on the basis of lead generation etc.

Similarly, Jio also has a number of apps in the market. My Jio, Jio Voice etc is one of them. When you install these apps the app authority ask your permission to access the different set of services available on your smartphone. Presently in-app industry most of the app developers want access to all the services (they want) so as to give you the permission to install the app. In your smartphone, this feature is called App permission.

In the case of most of the Jio App, the following are the set of services they ask your permission to access.

  1. Camera
  2. Contacts
  3. Location
  4. Microphone
  5. Phone
  6. SMS
  7. Storage
  8. etc

How to check all the services permission you give an app?

If you want to check what are all the services you have to give any Jio app the access to, you can do so by the below-given steps.

For example, Here I take the My Jio App (You can repeat the steps for any Jio App). I am guiding you by taking reference with respect to Android Oreo OS. You can apply your logic to other OS respectively.

  1. First Open your Phone Settings Menu.
  2. Then, Open the App Menu where the list of all the apps are present.
  3. Now, Tap on the Jio App you want to know the service permission.
  4. Once you Tap on the respective App (as in my case My Jio app), scroll down and you find an option called permission. This is the option where you find all the services for which you have given the access permission to this specific app.

Now, note that these are the set of permissions because of which you get the full-screen overlay ads.

Okay, I think I have built you up to understand How overlay ads come up to your Phone? This same procedure works for any other application installed on your phone. Now, let’s take a look at How to disable these full-screen overlay ads?

How to Disable Jio Full Screen Overlay Ad?

Those of you who read my above words carefully already calculates disabling those set of permissions will block the ad. Well yes! in some sort yes. But you have to uncheck one more option.

In the same app info section where you revoke app permissions, you find an option called App that can appear on top. You have to also turn this option off. That’s it.


In most of the cases, these ads will not harm you. Instead, companies use it to market their products. However, If you ask our opinion it is definitely annoying.

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