How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones
How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

In this article, we will guide you to how to increase battery life of Android Phones. Okay, we are here now, talking about the battery life of Android Phones. Well, most of you who are reading this article definitely carry one of them. Of course what a nasty deduction. According to 2017 data, 80% of total smartphones that people carry worldwide is Android Smartphones. Moreover, this number is rising rapidly as it is 2018 now.

So, It is clear that most of the people love Android Smartphone (I am not concerned with iPhone users here). Hence, they must also concern with its battery life too. Therefore, I think to write an article that explains what are all the factors that drain you pocket gadget juice frequently. Also listing all the methods to stop it. Not just that I will also explain to you How to increase battery life of Android Phones in a step by step guide.

How to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones?

There are certain cases or situation where you need your battery at most. Although there are various apps which can easily do this task for you. Some are them are now pre-installed with your device. However, some devices lack these apps. Don’t worry we list out these too. Okay, now its time to give you all the way via which you can increase your android phone battery life.

Optimizing Hardware first to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

Work on your Display

First, you have to think what consumes the most battery juice in your smartphone. Well, many of you sort it out, it is the Display. Of course yes! these days Smartphone manufacturers built advance displays containing an ultra collection of pixels. Therefore, it is our first priority to optimize the display of our smartphone. Most of you guess we have to decrease our display brightness. Well, we also recommend do it first.

Optimize Display for Dark Mode
Optimize Display for Dark Mode | Image Credits: CNET

The dark mode also plays a significant role in conserving battery life. If your Smartphone supports dark mode, you can turn it on because Google reveals recently in Android Dev summit 2018, that dark mode consumes less battery life in comparison to normal mode. That’s the reason Google Introduces Dark mode in its Android P edition.

In the report, Google explains White light drains more battery in comparison to other colors. Darker the color the less is your battery consumption. Therefore, we reach a conclusion that why not optimize those place which we more frequently use in our smartphones. I know you all have various answers, but I am talking about the Home screen and the lock screen. Why not we set a wallpaper that is dark and drains less battery.

You can also use your apps in dark mode (if it supports) to conserve your battery life.

Fingerprint Sensors

Do you know your Smartphone’s Fingerprint Sensor is turned on by default at all the time? Well, any sensor is a hardware and it consumes power too, therefore we must have to turn it off, while we do not use it. However, the problem is, by default most of the smartphone manufacturers don’t give you an extensive option to turn it off. Now, there comes good news, most of the smartphone manufactures gives you the power saver or the ultra-power saver option which can do this task for you. If you don’t have this option available, you can install some other app via play store which can do this task. Some of them are…

Wi-Fi and Background Network Synchronization

The other very important thing which drains your phone battery is the background network synchronization via which you can get app notifications. Most of the people ignore this option which results in battery drainage. One more thing that is so common because of easily available Wi-Fi services these days are people forget to turn off their Wi-Fi while they don’t use it.

Optimizing Apps to Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

Optimizing app is a little easier but tricky in comparison to optimizing hardware. Note that here we are not giving you how to optimize all the apps available on your phone because it is too broad for us. However, we list out all the popular apps that users use. In fact, one can use our logic to work for other apps as well.


One of the most used apps in any smartphone is the keyboard app because we need to type at most places. So, optimizing these apps will conserve some of the battery juice. Now, you can use the dark optimization technique here too. If you remember or notice Gboard also have the option to set a background for the on display typing keypad. You can use a dark background here. Beside these turn off the tapping sound of your keyboard. Also turn off its vibration option. These are all set of options optimizing which leads to a better battery life.

YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp

You can play with the synchronization, dark theme wallpapers etc to optimize these apps for battery conservation. In WhatsApp don’t forget to change your wallpaper if your chat addicted to this green app.

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