Super Mario Movie Could release on the Year 2022
Super Mario Movie Could release on the Year 2022

Super Mario Movie Could release on the Year 2022. One of the working members of Production House Illumination “Chris Melendandri” reveals this info. To Variety. This is the same production house who give us Despicable Me and Minions. Talking to Variety Chris says an Animated Version of Mario Movie is in development and maybe it will release in the year 2022. So, if you are bored of playing with your Nintendo console and want something new and interesting you must wait just 3 years.

Talking about this idea we see several movies back in past which evolve from Game. Moreover, this is not just the first time Mario made to the theatre. Back in 1993, Super Mario Bros has been already released giving the touch up of some sci-fi material.

Chris also reveals that the creator of this gaming series Shigeru Miyamoto is also involved in the Production process. And of course, how can you forget the creator of Mario while you are looking to make a movie out of it. So, Collaboration of Miyamoto and Chris (who made several outstanding cartoon movie) seriously develop a movie worth watching. Moreover, If it’s a movie about Mario how can’t we watch it. Let’s see what will be its theme this time. Whether it is again a sci-fi or belong to some adventure niche like the game.

For now, this is all we know, we will let you know if something new comes out about this.

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