YouTube Music Not Able to Play Local Music Files in its Full Mode
YouTube Music Not Able to Play Local Music Files in its Full Mode

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YouTube Music not able to play local music files in its full mode. Surprising isn’t it! You can play (i meant preview) a local music files via YouTube Music but not able to play it in the full native mode of the app.

Okay, let me clarify it with an example, How many of you have used Google Play Music? Well, Those of you who have certain experience with Google Play Music can understand what I am talking about.

In Google Play Music, When you open the app, beside online music files you will also see your local music files there. From Local Music files I mean those Mp3, WAV, Ogg files that you store in your SD Card. But, In case of YouTube Music, you won’t able to see those local music files when you open the app. The reason is YouTube Music lacks this feature right now. May be In future, YouTube Music sports this feature as its competitors already does. But for now, you can play local music files in full mode of YouTube Music.

Now, you notice that I say full mode several times. Beside that at the top of the article, I also say that you can play local music files via YouTube (but not in full mode). So, How can you play a local music files via YouTube? For that all you have to do is locate the mp3 file (or any other *supported music file) you want to play via YouTube Music. Then, open that files via YouTube Music when you get the Open With Prompt. When you do this, the app play that file in a different mode. You’ll see a black bar in the middle of the screen playing the file also featuring YouTube Music logo.

Now, some reports says Google looks forward to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. Well, In that case if developer won’t integrate this feature, then, we get a bondage of playing our local mp3 files on YouTube Music.

It’s been a few week YouTube Music has landed its feet in India. Here we are deducing its good features and the bad one. I have already written a detail article on YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. You should read that one.

In that article I mention a major feature the app doesn’t support in its free version while its competitors does. The feature is listening music in background, which means your music playback won’t stop even when you phone’s screen timeout occurs. Now, seems like we have found an another feature that can pull YouTube Music leg in this race.

There are several music app in India from which YouTube Music have to compete with. Some of the popular ones are Spotify, Jio Saavn, Gaana, Amazon Prime Music. In all these, Spotify is the strongest challenger if you look at the feature it provides. Infact I have cover an article, where I have shared Top 5 Spotify Features.

You won’t find some of these features in any of the music streaming service in India. When you read this article you know why it is the best music streaming app not just in the whole world but in India also.

This is it for now, Follow our website regularly because here we cover such feature and give our opinion in detail on it.

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