Gmail Adds AMP Support
Gmail Adds AMP Support

Gmail adds AMP Support in email and make emails more Dynamic. Those of you who have some knowledge of web technologies know about AMP. AMP which stands for accelerated mobile pages is a web technology that make mobile pages accessibility more fast. Two years back in year 2016, Google brings the AMP technology. Moreover, from last year on February, Google starts testing AMP in Gmail. And, now finally, Google rolls out this technology for emails in Gmail.

Tip: You can identify an AMP Page in Google search by seeing a Thunderbolt mark
⚡ in its URL section like we show in the screenshot below.

AMP Page Thunderbolt mark screenshot.

The basic idea of AMP Pages is to store their Cache on Google Servers. Hence, when a user access any of those AMP Pages the time to load the first byte he get is approximately equals to 0. You can also access the AMP version of this post by attaching /amp at the far right of this post URL.

How does an AMP Email in Gmail Works or Look Like?

Well, the integration of AMP Email in Gmail makes Gmail more interactive and Dynamic. I meant to say with this technology switching between Gmail and other websites will decrease. This happens because you do more with email right inside the Gmail. For example, you could Pin a photo in Pinterest right within your Gmail. Shopping a product right within the Gmail (If one send you an AMP enabled shopping product page mail). AMP technology makes Gmail more dynamic. One can do more work with Gmail.

However, for now not anyone can send dynamic email in Gmail. You have to first register with Google to send dynamic email via this link. Beside that Gmail gives, G-Suite customers the facility to send dynamic emails in coming days.

Tip: One can design an AMP Email via this link.

Note: From dynamic email I mean AMP enabled email.

Some of the companies that starts sending dynamic emails in Gmail are:

  2. Yoyo rooms
  3. Pinterest
  4. Doodle
  5. Freshworks
  6. Nexxt
  7. Redbus
  8. Despegar
  9. Ecwid

One more thing, the dynamic email support in Gmail is only available for Gmail Web and will soon come to Gmail Mobile.

Now, Beside AMP Emails, one more interesting feature that rolls out to Gmail is to comment and reply when someone send you a email attach with Google Docs.

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