Twitter Rolls Out Amoled Dark Mode for iOS
Twitter Rolls Out Amoled Dark Mode for iOS

Twitter rolls out Amoled dark mode for iOS in the latest update. Note that Twitteratis are waiting for a long to get an Amoled Dark Mode on Twitter. Dark mode is already available for Android as it rolls out last year on August, but it was not the Amoled one. I mean Twitter for Android has dark mode (with a bluish shade) but not the Amoled one. As we know, Dark mode helps us to overcome with our eye strain at night. Moreover, but also saves your phone battery as proved by Google.

How Dark Mode Saves Power
How Dark Mode Saves Power

As you can see in the above graph, Brightness is directly proportional to Consumption of Power. This graph was shown at Android Dev Summit last year. Let see more convenient snap to better under, How Dark Mode saves Power.

YouTube Normal Mode Vs Dark Mode Power Consumption Comparison

In the above snap you can see that even with 100% of Brightness in Dark Mode it only consumes 96mA. However, with only 50% of Brightness in Normal Mode consumes 93mA. So, you can now compare, How Dark Mode saves an enormous amount of energy when you look at a longer period of time.

How to enable Amoled Dark Mode in Twitter for iOS?

One can avail the True Dark Mode in Twitter when enable the Lights Out Mode option along with Dark Mode option. You can find both of these options in Settings and Privacy>Display and Sound>DarkMode/Lights Out. Note that this mode is only available for iOS users for now and we don’t know yet when it come to Android.

As I mention above Twitter for iOS has two options enabled to get access to Amoled dark mode. These two options are Dark Mode and Light Out. However, if you enable only the Dark Mode option, again you will see the Dark Mode in Bluish Shade. To access Amoled Dark Mode one should have to turn on both of these two options.

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