Bypass Facebook Profile Picture Guard
Bypass Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Do you want to bypass facebook profile picture guard and wants to download profile picture of someone. Well, Facebook blocks the download option in a profile picture for which profile picture guard is on. A Facebook profile picture for which the guard is on looks like as I show you the screenshot below.

Have you notice the blue rectangular box with a guard icon at the bottom middle. This is how a guarded profile picture looks like on Facebook.

Now, If you want to download a normal profile picture what you do. Let me say it, first you click on the profile picture. Then, when the picture opens in a full window, you click on options that is present at the bottom right corner of the photo. Then, you click on the download option and photo starts downloading. However, In case of Profile Picture for which a user has turned on the guard, the download option is not present there. This is how facebook profile picture guard works. It will not let anyone to download a profile photo for which guard is on. But don’t worry below I share with you a trick via which you can download even a guarded profile photo on Facebook. Okay let’s check out what is that trick.

Note: One can Turn on the guard option only for the profile picture on Facebook.

How to Bypass Facebook Profile Picture Guard? (Guide)

First visit the profile of the user for which you want to download the profile picture.

Next, Press Ctrl+U to open the source code for the page.

Once you press ctrl+u you will see the source code of the victims profile page. Now, In the same source code page press Ctrl+F and then type entity_id. This way you could find out the profile id of the victim. Copy the profile ID as I mark with blue color in the screenshot below.

Now, go to the this link and replace the USERNAME field by the Profile ID you copy. Then, Click enter and you will access the profile picture in full mode and resolution. Now you can right click and save as the profile picture to download it in your local computer. To understand better I share a screenshot with you below.

So, do you found this article Interesting? Moreover, do you know any other method to download someone Facebook Profile Picture for which the guard is ON. Let us know in the comments below.

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