Turn on Dark Mode Facebook Messenger Emoji
Turn on Dark Mode Facebook Messenger Emoji

In this article, we gonna explain you to How to Turn On Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger by sending an emoji. Yes you turn on the Dark Mode/Theme in Facebook Messenger App just by sending an emoji. Note that Facebook Messenger doesn’t give us this facility by default. So, you can assume that it is an easter egg which we found recently.

Dark Mode not just help protect your eye from straining but also give your application a new look. Most of the Applications present on the web has already this feature because of its growing importance. Many of us like to work at night time, however, the dark environment around us put some load onto our eye. In such condition Dark mode is really a saviour.

Dark Mode is also useful to save battery as many of the battery optimization application use dark mode as a battery saving tool. Infact, Google has also confirmed last year that one can save some battery in their devices by turning dark mode on.

How to Turn On Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger by Sending an Emoji? (Guide)

To enable dark mode in your Facebook Messenger all you have to do is open up your Facebook Messenger app first.

Next, send anyone of your messenger contact this crescent moon emoji 🌙.

Once you sent this emoji, you will see the same emoji raining on your screen.

After that a prompt will appear on you screen saying now you can turn on dark mode by going to the messenger settings menu.

Click on your profile photo in messenger app that is present at the top left corner of your screen.

Dark Mode Option Messenger
Dark Mode Option Messenger

A page open where you now, see a new option saying Dark Mode and you can turn on and off this option to enable or disable dark mode.

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