edit table photo in Microsoft Excel
edit table photo in Microsoft Excel

You can now edit a table photo in Microsoft Excel you snap via your phone. Microsoft excel has bring this functionality for all the users that are using Office 365. Moreover, this feature is available for Excel Mobile Apps both in Android and iOS. Although this feature has already rolled out for Excel Android apps, however, soon it will also made available to iOS users.

Of course the feature works by taking AI into account. The Verge are the one who first came to identify this feature and also shown us how it works via a gif we post below.

Edit Table Photo in Microsoft Excel | Image Credits: The Verge

To understand how this feature works. All you have to do is take a snap of any table you find in your Book or notebook. Then, import that snap into Microsoft excel and it will automatically convert it into a live table which you can edit also.

The Artificial Intelligence Microsoft brings into the office app take help from Image recognition technology to perform this task.

Beside real time table editing feature, Microsoft has also made some changes in its Authenticator app. The app now notifies you if your personal account password or some security settings will change.

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