Latest Updates about 5G Trials in India
Latest Updates about 5G Trials in India

In this article, I regularly update about the Latest 5G Trials in India. In 2018, we see how, LTE overtakes GSM at Global level. Now, it’s time for 5G. Although some people believe 5G will commercially available by year 2022 in India. However, I believe it may land its feet by the end of year 2019. Because the number of operators battling for 5G test in India is greatly increased.

Well, Smartphones and other devices that supports 5G is already available and waiting for a 5G network to roll out. I think, it is now up to the telecom operators and our Government to make decision on 5G spectrum.

Of course Countries like South Korea, China, Japan and US are the major players who likely to introduce 5G first in their Country. However, China and India decides the Global percentage of 5G connection. I mean there are some benefits attached with the population our country.

Okay, this is all for the Introduction let’s check out What are all the Important decision and news about 5G network in India. Beside that we will also look at the 5G trials happening right now in India or in upcoming days.

Latest Updates of 5G Trials in India

I know BSNL put their hands last on the 4G network, but it didn’t mean they will repeat the same mistake with 5G. Last year BSNL MD and Chairman Anupam Shrivastava reveals they have signed MoUs with Nokia, ZTE and a Korean firm. This means In India BSNL first try to put it’s hand on 5G network.

In september last year DOT invited Huawei to take part in 5G Trials in India. Looking at the India and China relation, earlier rumours says DOT could block Huawei and other Chinese company like ZTE to take part in 5G Trials in India. However, later DOT officials sends letter to Huawei to take part in 5G Trials in India. Therefore, Huawei falls next in the race of 5G trials in India.

In October last year at India Mobile Congress, Youngky Kim (Samsung’s President and Head of Network Business) reveals they could launch some sort of 5G hardware in the first Quarter of 2019. Here it is we see it in the form of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Economic Times recently report that Nokia will start the field trial of 5G by the second half of this year. Well Nokia have partnered with Airtel and BSNL to perform this testing. Note that DOT allot free 5G spectrum for field testing. Recently several vendors asks DOT to allot free 5G spectrum for at least a year. However, DOT reject their proposal by saying the allotment of free 5G spectrum is only for 90 days.

Today OnePlus announce the company collab with Qualcomm to start 5G Trials in India. OnePlus now has a 5G device which is capable of handling 5G network data. We see it already in MWC 2019 when OnePlus have shown a prototype of OnePlus 5G smartphone.

Well, these are all the Latest Updates of 5G Trials in India. Moreover, we update this article regularly and will add latest update about 5G Trials in India. You can bookmark this article for future references.

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