How to Register in Spotify for free in India
How to Register in Spotify for free in India?

In this article, we gonna guide you How to Register in Spotify for Free in India. Spotify rolls out in India Today and from today on Indian users can also avail spotify services. Well, Spotify provides two type of services the first one is totally free and the second one is Premium. Let me clear you the difference first.

Spotify premium gives you High Quality audio as well as ad-free environment in your Spotify player. Beside that you can also download and store any song and listen it even if you are offline. Well, the drawback of Spotify premium is it cost you real money. If you ask my opinion go for the free one, because Spotify don’t just popup too many ads. It’s interface is super cool if you compare its free subscription interface with any other online music streaming service. Anyways, Let me show you the Spotify premium Membership cost and then you can decide yourself.

Spotify Premium Pricing

Spotify Subscription forCosts you
1 DayRs. 13
1 WeekRs. 39
1 MonthRs. 129
3 MonthRs. 389
6 MonthRs. 719
1 YearRs. 1189
Students50% Discount

Now, I assume you have decided your plan. Well below I am showing you how to register in Spotify for free in India.

How to Register in Spotify for free in India? Windows 10 (Guide)

Spotify Native Windows 10 App
Spotify Native Windows 10 App

To register in Spotify for free in India, you first have to visit this link

Next, Spotify gives you two option to register to avail their services. The first one is login via your Facebook account and the second one is registration via your email.

Once you register, Spotify pops you a Windows 10 installer file that gives you a native Spotify app in your Windows 10 OS.

Beside Native Windows 10 app, you can access Spotify via its web player, Android & iOS app, on your Playstation, Xbox, TV, and supported speakers natively.

What makes Spotify stand out of other music streaming services present online is its fast server, that gives you song buffering super smooth.

Anyways this is all from our side, if you have any question drop in the comments below.

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