How to Access Microsoft Office App for Free on Windows 10
How to Access Microsoft Office App for Free on Windows 10?

This article explains you, How to access Microsoft office app for free on Windows 10. Microsoft has bring a new version of office app recently. Well the app is totally free to download. Moreover, you can use it with your office 365, 2019, 2016 subscription or free web based office online subscription.

The app is basically a Progressive Web App for which many of us not aware about. Looking at this, Microsoft has made this app to make more usable and popular among users.

You can install and use this app in Windows 10 by going through this link. However, In Windows 10 too you can use this app only if you are using Windows 10 1803 or later. This is because Windows 10 get the PWA support from 1803 version.

The app works like any other Microsoft office program and able to open any Microsoft office file locally (after redstone 4 update). What makes this Office progressive web app super cool is it works offline. But many of you thinking How can it do so? Well, It do so by loading up all its javascript, css and other important files ( that is important to start the app) from your local cache via service worker module. However, Microsoft is going to implement the service worker module in Redstone 4 update.

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