List of 5G smartphones Introduced at MWC 2019
List of 5G smartphones Introduced at MWC 2019

In this article, I am going to make a list of 5G Smartphones Introduced at MWC 2019 so far. At MWC 2019, every recognized Smartphone company introduce at least one 5G enabled handset. Looking at that much number of 5G Smartphone handsets, we can say that by the end of this year, you must 5G Smartphones in our country. Well the release date for these smartphones are not finalized yet because of the lack of 5G network. Anyways let’s see what are all the 5G phones that are Introduced so far at MWC 2019.

List of 5G Smartphones Introduced at MWC 2019

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Launches a total of 5 Smartphones, 4 of which belongs to Galaxy S10 line up. Moreover, from these four one does support 5G. This handset is Galaxy S10 5G whose height is same as that of Galaxy Note 9 but a little thicker.

2. Huawei Mate X

Well Huawei Roll out a foldable phone at MWC this year. The Phone can compete Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, one feature that this phone supports and not present in Samsung Galaxy Fold is the 5G connectivity. Well I like Samsung Galaxy Fold display more with respect to Huawei Mate X because Galaxy Fold Display contains inner fold. However, Huawei Mate X have the outer fold display.

3. Mi Mix 3 5G

If you remember Xiaomi is first one who introduces a Smartphone assembled with 5G capability. Well the company unofficials reveals about it in September last year and now it is finally live on MWC 2019. The hardware it consist is same as that of Mi Mix 3 except it now contains Snapdragon 855 and x50 modem.

Price: Around Rs. 48,000

4. One Plus 5G Smartphone

One Plus also shown its 5G version of Smartphone at MWC this year. For 5G Connectivity the smartphone contains Snapdragon 855 as well as Snapdragon x50 modem just like Mi Mix 3 5G. It launch date and pricing details is not confirmed yet but we think it will launch around May this year.

5. Oppo 5G Smartphone

At MWC 2019, Oppo is the one who first Introduce a 5G Smartphone. However, for 5G connectivity its hardware configuration is just like OnePlus 5G and Mi Mix 35G. It also contain Snapdragon 855 and x50 modem.

6. Sony Xperia 5G

Well Sony hasn’t introduce a 5G Smartphone at MWC this year. However, Its recent Prototype leak suggest that it is working on one. For 5G connectivity the Smartphone contains x50 modem.

7. LG V50 ThinQ 5G

LG also unveil a 5G compatible Smartphone this year at MWC 2019. The phones pack with Snapdragon 855 processor and Snapdragon x50 modem. The company officials haven’t confirmed its launch date and not it’s pricing.

9. ZTE Axon 10 5G

This triple rear camera phone with Water drop notch at the front supports 5G connectivity too. It also have Snapdragon 855 + x50 modem combination. We don’t know now its launch date and its pricing. However, as soon as we, we’ll mention it here.

Well these are a total of 9 phones that supports 5G and introduce at MWC so far.

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