Samsung Galaxy S10 Family Important Updates
Samsung Galaxy S10 Family Important Updates | Image Credits: Samsung

In this article, we gonna list out Samsung Galaxy S10 news that we update regularly. Note that Samsung has launched 4 Galaxy S10 Family phones at MWC 2019. These phones are Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G. Well most of you are titled towards these Phones. Therefore, we think to create a comprehensive article, where we list out all the Important Updates relevant to Galaxy S10 devices. We update this article on a regular basis therefore, I suggest you to Bookmark this article somewhere for future references.

Samsung Galaxy S10 News

Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ are capable of playing Netflix Videos in HD and HDR

Netflix recently whitelist some of the devices that is capable of playing its videos in HD and HDR. Samsung Galaxy S10 series i.e. S10e, S10 and S10+ falls in the list of those devices that are capable of playing Netflix videos in both HD as well as HDR format. Beside S10 series, Samsung newly launched M10, M20, and M30 are also now capable of streaming Netflix videos in High Definition only.

Samsung to Give free Screen Protector for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

In one of the Samsung Community site, Samsung recently reveals that its S10 devices except S10e comes with pre-installed Screen Protector. Samsung says to gain all the features of the S10 to work correctly, one should use the Samsung Screen Protector. Note that recently MKBHD reveals how other screen protectors are not functioning properly with Samsung S10 Ultra-In-Display Fingerprint sensor. First time users get it for free, however, when purchase it separately it cost them $29.99. Samsung gives this screen protector to all the global subsidiaries.

Samsung reveals the Launch date of Galaxy S10 devices in India

Today (i.e. on 26-02-2019), Samsung send media invites about Galaxy S10 event in our country. The event date is March 6, therefore all of these devices are set to unveiled on the same date.

Samsung Galaxy S10 packed with Cryptocurrency Wallets

At MWC 2019, Samsung reveals its new Galaxy S10 packs with an inbuilt Cryptocurrency Wallet. This wallet helps user to store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmo Coin etc in their phone. Note that these cryptocurrencies will store in your smartphone even you won’t have an active Internet connection.

The Phone also says that it has a seperate wallet for Enjin coins as Samsung recently partners with them. Note that Enjin coins is an Ethereum based Gaming Focused Currency.

Samsung Galaxy S10 In-Display Fingerprint to work over Screen Protectors

Recently some rumours came out that says Samsung Galaxy S10 In-Display fingerprint sensor will not work over Screen Protectors. Well, I must say you should ignore those rumours because Samsung Galaxy S10 In-Display Fingerprint is gonna work over screen protectors. What makes me little more disappointed that this In-Display Rectangular Fingerprint Sensor area is visible on certain light.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Not have a release date yet

Well, as the Phone name says it holds a 5G network, but as you can see most of the countries not have a 5G connection yet. For example, If you see in US there isn’t any 5G network, India also have the same situation and so as with many different countries. Therefore, Samsung has not unveiled the release date of this model of Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t support e-SIM

If you have gone through the specification of any Samsung Galaxy S10 series phone you see not any of the single model support e-SIM. Beside the phone either support a single SIM slot or the double one, but not a place for e-SIM.

We update this article regularly until we won’t cover all the unknown features you find in any of Samsung Galaxy S10 models.

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