Foldable Display Phones MWC 2019
Foldable Display Phones MWC 2019 | Image Credits: @SpectDesign

In this article, I’m gonna give you the list of all Foldable Display Phones launched at MWC 2019. Well it seems like the era of Foldable Display has begun. We make this statement by seeing so many foldable Display phones launched at MWC 2019. Moreover, the companies who introduce these device are the established one. Therefore, our statement is more reliable now.

Well, Samsung introduce himself to register as the first name to show a Foldable Display phone. Now, following his path other Smartphone brands also wants to count their attendance in this race. Looking at this popularity of Foldable Display phones we think to cover a separate article. Therefore, we create this article where we cover the list of all foldable display phones launched at MWC so far. So, check out below is the list.

Foldable Display Phones Launched at MWC 2019

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold | Image Credits: Samsung

Well if you ask my opinion, Samsung Galaxy Fold is the real foldable phone which you make an image in your mind. The Phone have a total of two display, the main one foldable display is of 7.3″ however, the cover display is of 4.6″. Moreover, with this phone, you’ll get one Cover Camera, Double Front Camera, and Triple Rear Camera.

The Phone starts available from April this year. Moreover, Samsung team is also working on its 5G variant.

Price: $1980

2. Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X

The next company which brings a Foldable display phone at MWC 2019 is Huawei. Huawei Mate X design however, is different from Samsung Galaxy Fold. In Samsung Galaxy Fold the Foldable display is present under the fold. However, In Huawei Mate X the foldable display is present outside the fold. In real you get a 1 large display that works like two display. When you fold the phone the display size become 6.6″ however, when you unfold it its size become 8″. What makes this phone a real competitor of Samsung Galaxy fold now is its 5G compatibility. The launch date is not confirmed yet but likely to introduce in the Mid of this year.

Price: $2600

3. Oppo Foldable Phone

Oppo Foldable phone
Oppo Foldable phone | Image Credits: Shen Yiren Brian

Well on February 25, 2019, One of the Oppo employee has shown How their concept foldable phone will look like. The phone is not released yet for retail use. In a Weibo post, Shen Yiren Brian also wants users opinion for this phone mass production. As the image suggest this phone Foldable display is also like Huawei Mate X in which the the display folding outside.

4. TCL Concept Foldable Phone

TCL Concept Foldable Phone
TCL Foldable Phone | Image Credits: The Verge

TCL Concept Phone Foldable display works more or less on the same mechanism Samsung Galaxy Fold uses. Here you also see inner foldable display like you see in Samsung Galaxy Fold. Reports says that this phone name is gonna be TCL Dragon Hinge. And It has got only one display that fold like a clamshell. Note that TCL is the same brand who owns Blackberry, therefore, think twice before doubting their capability.

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