Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology
Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology

Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology is introduced at MWC 2019. What makes this technology interesting is it is for Wireless Charging pads. Right now in reality Quick Charge Technology is only limited to wired connection. However, now, Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology made it possible to quick charge your device via Wireless Charging Pad too.

Note that In charging process (either wired or wireless) we waste a lot of power via heat sink. But, here Qualcomm also consider this minute detail and explains this New Technology helps saving a lot of this power too.

If you want to know, Which company is going to first implement this technology. Well MI already says its upcoming Wireless Charging pad sports fast charging. Moreover, Qualcomm also confirm in a blog post, that Xiaomi will become the first brand to implement Qualcomm’s Quick Charge Technology in a Wireless Charging Pad.

If you roll over to the Market right now, you’ll find several local Wireless Charging pads brand supporting Quick Charge Technology. The fact is they even didn’t pass the Quick Charge Compliance programme.

Right now, We see several Quick Charge Adapters in Market. For example, Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4, and 4+. For you kind information, you can also use these adapters with those Wireless Charging Pads that sports Qualcomm Quick Charge.

The Compliance Program for testing the pads/devices for sporting Qualcomm Quick charge starts today.

This new technology is also going to test with Qi global Wireless Charging standard. This makes this new technology compatible with 3500 more products that sports Qi Wireless Charging Standard right now. Beside that verified by two Top Wireless Charging Standard will also increase this technology standard.

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