Google Assistant Rolling out in Messages and KaiOS for Voice Typing
Google Assistant Rolling out in Messages and KaiOS for Voice Typing

Google Assistant rolling out in Messages and KaiOS for Voice Typing. This new info came out with a blog post that Google recently ping via its official blog site. In this blog post Google explain How people love Google Assistant more day by day. Google says with this much popularity of Google Assistant, they will integrate Google Assistant in more places.

Users who are brand new to technology chooses typing via voice over typing by hand. With all this explanation Google explains that the team now brings Google Assistant to Messages. With Google Assistant integration in Messages the Messages app will become more powerful. For example, There are situations when in between the conversation you have to give a reference from web browser to your partner. Well with Google Assistant in Messages it will soon became an old story. You can easily provide the reference to your partner right into the Google Messages by simply long press the home button. This feature not just make your conversation more fast by also brings more details.

Google explains users love to interact with Technology via their voice over any other way. Therefore, In coming months you’ll also see Voice Typing on KaiOS via Google Assistant. Users that are using KaiOS often complain that the typing work in their phones makes their work bulky. As every keypad buttons contains three letters from which we have to choose one. Therefore, one such technology must inject into their phone too that overcome this problem. So, now, in coming months you’ll able to use Google assistant voice typing in any text field you find in your phone. All you have to do is set your pointer at the location you want to type. Then, press the Google Assistant or Home button to start typing.

Beside that there is a special news for Indian users who use Google Assistant Regularly. From today on, they can use Google Assistant in 8 more Indic Languages. These languages are Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu. So, if you want to change the language in your Google Assistant, you can do that simply by saying “Hey Google, Just Talk to me in Hindi” just like that.

Google even explains looking at this popularity, users soon find a dedicated buttons for Google Assistant in more device.

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