Facebook Starts Labeling Political Advertisement
Facebook Starts Labeling Political Advertisement | Image Credits: thoughtcatalog

Facebook Starts Labeling Political Advertisement by looking at the upcoming elections in India. The feature on one hand brings more transparency whereas on another let users see who advertise a particular ad. From today on, if a user see a political ad, then he will also see some labels on it. They find these labels by the name Published by or Paid for by.

Facebook explains if an advertiser change the name of organisation while posting an ad, he still have to mention several other details. These details contains his phone number, email, website and many other thing. According to Facebook’s Public Policy Director of India, this step helps identify the authenticity of an advertiser.

Not just Political advertisement, Users also able to access a searchable ad library. In this library they can see different political ads the impression on it as well as the engagements from different demographics.

Note that the enforcement of these new features and political ad policy starts from February 21. Moreover, advertisers who complete the authorization process will only able to run political ads on the platform.

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Image Credits: ThoughtCatalog

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