Instagram Feed Now Contains IGTV Previews
Instagram Feed Now Contains IGTV Previews | Image Credits: Instagram

Instagram Feed now contains IGTV previews. Note that Instagram releases the IGTV app in June Last year. It is an standalone application which gives user the facility to upload vertical videos of length upto 10 minutes. However, if are a celebrity of have a verified then you can upload a video of length upto 60 minutes.

Now, Instagram reveals via their official Twitter handle that they brings IGTV previews in Instagram feed. Note that from previews we mean you only see the IGTV video preview in your feed for upto 1 minute. Moreover, if you want to see the full video you have to click on it, which leads you to the IGTV app. This bouncing feature somehow make some users unhappy.

Instagram already Injects IGTV Profile, Videos and Previews in Different portions of Instagram. For example, you can show your IGTV profile in your Instagram Profile section. IGTV videos already find places in Instagram Explore tab. Moreover, you can also post IGTV previews to your Instagram stories. Instagram Introduce this feature last year on November.

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