Mozilla has launched a new Password Manager App for Android
Mozilla has launched a new Password Manager App for Android | Image Credits: Mozilla

Mozilla has launched a new Password Manager App for Android. Well this is the same organization who owns the second most usable browser in the world. Anyways, today the company has roll out a password manager for Android called Firefox Lockbox. The App helps you to sync Firefox Password and will let you to access it anywhere.

When you install the App for the first time in your smartphone, it asks you to sign in using a Firefox account. Well, if you don’t have a Firefox account, you could not use this app. As the Firefox account credentials are mandatory for sign in to this app. Therefore, I recommend you to first create a Firefox account, then install the app.

You can create a Firefox account by going to this location.

Now, once you authenticate your credentials in the app, it give you the option to unlock Firefox Lockbox app with your Fingerprint. You could touch your fingerprint sensor to activate this app or choose the skip option. You will also find an Auto Lock option in the app settings menu for which you can set the time. Once your app idle for that time it will auto lock. Moreover, you could then unlock it using your fingerprint you earlier enabled the fingerprint option.

Next, The app asks your permission to let the app fill in your passwords for you. However, to activate this option you have to update your device’s autofill settings.

Note that, Firefox Lockbox encrypt the synchronization between devices with 256-Bit-Encryption.

Firefox Lockbox get access to only those passwords you save in your Firefox browser. Moreover, the synchronisation of password is also done in between the firefox browser and Firefox Lockbox.

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