WhatsApp Changes the way of Group calling

WhatsApp is one of the best and favorite instant messaging app on the web.

Users like it because it has end-to-end encryption for chats and calls. Also, it has a plethora of other features.

Take its Chat Backup feature. The feature lets users to store chat backups on cloud storage services like Google Drive.

Now, we all know, WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted. But does its chat backups are also end-to-end encrypted?

The answer is no. Currently, WhatsApp chat backups are not end-to-end encrypted.

Well, that would be fatal. Because if anyone gets access to the chat backups, then they can restore it to their device.

To prevent the same, last year WhatsApp tests password-protected Chat Backups.

The feature asks to enter the password before restoring a chat backup.

But still, the chat backups aren’t end-to-end encrypted, right?

As per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Beta V. has introduced end-to-end encrypted chat backups.

WhatsApp End-To-End Encrypted Chat Backups
Credits: WABetaInfo

The feature lets users end-to-end encrypt their chat backups using a password. One can restore the backup once entered the password.

Do note that, The password will be the same for encrypting all future chat backups.

The end-to-end encrypted chat backup feature also supports a 64 digit encryption key.

If for some reason you forget the password, then you can restore the backup using the encryption key.

But, if you forget both the password and encryption key, then WhatsApp can’t restore the backup.

While end-to-end encryption for chat backup has come in the beta app, it may not come in the stable release.

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