WhatsApp Reduces the Video Status Duration Limit to 15 Seconds in India

In a bid to help WhatsApp users place audio and video calls via Desktop, WhatsApp for Mac and Windows now supports audio and video calls. The feature is now available in WhatsApp Desktop App for Windows 10 version 1903 (64 bit) and macOS version 10.13.

Although these features are accessible in WhatsApp Desktop app, the same is not available for WhatsApp Web that is accessible through browsers. Also for now, one can’t place any group video and audio calls using WhatsApp Desktop App but the company is looking forward to also bringing the same in future.

The Audio and Video Calls works fine in both the Orientation

The new audio and video call feature in WhatsApp Desktop app works completely fine with both the portrait and landscape orientation. Also, the audio and video call window can appear on the top of other windows once set to be always on the top.

Around 1.4 Billion Users are using WhatsApp Audio and Video Calls

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp has revealed, in the last new year’s eve, the app placed the most audio and video calls (around 1.4 billion) ever. Also as of March 2020, WhatsApp reportedly has 2 billion monthly active users. Millions of users are using the WhatsApp desktop app and it seems like the audio and video call feature is going to help a lot to most of these users.

Audio and Video Calls Encryption in WhatsApp Desktop App

Amid all the privacy concerns raised over WhatsApp regarding either its new terms of service or anything, WhatsApp audio and video calls are end-to-end encrypted (in WhatsApp Desktop app too).

How to place audio and video calls via WhatsApp Desktop App?

Most of you who are using the WhatsApp Desktop App must know that to use WhatsApp Desktop app (doesn’t matter Windows or MacOS) the WhatsApp Mobile App (doesn’t matter Android or iOS) must be installed in the mobile.

Once both the app is installed in both the device, then to open the desired WhatsApp account in the Desktop app, one must scan the QR code present on the Desktop app using the WhatsApp Mobile App. Once done the desired WhatsApp account opens in the WhatsApp Desktop app and from there on one can place the audio and video call to their WhatsApp contacts.

This is not the first time, the audio and video call feature has been made available to the WhatsApp Desktop app. Last December, while testing these features the company had made it available to some users but now has been made available to all the users fulfilling the above hardware configurations.

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